Postdoctoral Junio Leader Fellowships Programme

The postdoctoral fellowships programme, Junior Leader “la Caixa”, is aimed at hiring excellent researchers—of any nationality—who wish to continue their research career in Spanish or Portuguese territory. Sponsored by Obra Social ”la Caixa”, the objectives of this programme are to foster high-quality, innovative research in Spain and to support the best scientific talents by providing them with an attractive, competitive environment in which to conduct excellent research.


The Junior Leader programme is divided into two different frames. By means of a complementary training programme, these fellowships are intended to consolidate research skills and to foster an independent scientific career as an option for the future. Researchers in the Junior Leader “la Caixa” programme will have a three-year contract in accordance with employment legislation in force in Spain, pursuant to provisions regarding occupational health and safety and social security, with access to suitable resources, equipment and facilities


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