Deadline: FEBRUARY 3, 2019

ESH has the pleasure to announce the availability of a limited number of SCHOLARSHIPS for early-career biologists and clinicians wishing to attend the following conference:

2nd How to Diagnose and Treat Multiple Myeloma,

Chairs: Hermann Einsele, Irene Ghobrial, Sonja Zweegman

Berlin, Germany – April 5-7, 2019


A – Scholarships will cover:

Registration fee (which includes conference materials, the Welcome Get-together, coffee breaks and luncheons during the conference) a travel grant of 500€

B – You are eligible to apply if you are:

fully-trained, with a maximum of four years experience since your first junior appointment

still in-training

C – To apply, please send us the following documents to this email address:

  • a cover letter an official letter signed by the head of your department or laboratory certifying your in-training or early career status your curriculum vitae and photo
  • an abstract: Submit it HERE and send it also by email to
  • your list of publications (if possible)

D – Meeting report:

Scholarship recipients will be required to submit a brief report on the meetingbefore May 7th, 2019. It should be sent to:

The report should indicate what the scholarship recipient learnt from the meeting, the aspect they enjoyed the most and how they feel that future editions can be improved. A template will be provided.

Incomplete applications will be refused.

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